Enhancing Your Eye Color Through Clothing Choices – Part 1

First of all, I want to start off by emphasizing that you should and can wear whatever you want! I know personally in the past I have found myself wondering what color’s suit me or bring out certain features that enhance my appearance and identity. Color is a very powerful tool in fashion. I’m sure at what point or another in your life you have heard someone say, “that color looks so great on you!”, or you have thought to yourself, “ugh this is so not my color.”  So, if you’re ever lost when it comes to deciding what to wear, there are a few things that you can think about to help you come to a decision. This week, I will be explaining the truth to the good old saying, “wear a color that brings out your eyes.” 

I know I’ve definitely heard this saying in the past, but I never really thought of it again until recently. I bought a new dark green sweater, and the first thing I noticed when I was trying it on and looked in the mirror was not the sweater itself, but my eyes. My eyes are hazel, and over the years have become more green; the color of the sweater really proved that. I almost felt like a different person, and found it amazing how prominent the color of my eyes became because the color of what I was wearing complimented them so well. I had to buy the sweater of course. This inspired me to write a post on this topic today because I think this type of color coordination is a really powerful tool, and it can really enhance your features as well as your overall appearance. 

So….let’s take a look at what colors will compliment your eyes the best! We’ll start off this week by looking at what colors will enhance hazel eyes, green eyes, light brown eyes, and dark brown eyes.

Hazel Eyes

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Hazel eyes are a gorgeous blend of green and brown. Some people may have more green than brown, or more brown than green. With that in mind and from personal experience, the colors above will help enhance your hazel eyes the most! If you are wanting to showcase the green tones in your eyes, gravitate to shades of lavender and especially dark forest greens., you’ll notice the green in your eyes right away! If you are wanting to showcase the brown tones in your eyes or maybe just have naturally darker hazel eyes, utilizing darker shades of brown as well as gray will bring forward those brown undertones in your eyes. 

Brown Eyes 

For individuals who have beautiful lighter brown eyes, this guide is for you….

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The colors above I have found to look best on my friends who have brown eyes, with emphasis on olive green tones as well as burgundy. These two colors compliment brown eyes so well and really makes them stand out! Denim Blues are also very complimentary, the lighter or “cooler” the shade of blue, the more prominent your eye color will be. 

Dark Brown Eyes 

Now, we”ll take a look at what colors will compliment stunning dark brown eyes the best…

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All of the above colors I have found to look great on anybody I know with dark brown eyes. The two that stand out the most though, are plum purple shades and emerald green. Emerald green is a beautiful, chic color that will highlight the dark tones in your eyes and make the color super vibrant. This is especially true if you were to wear certain fabrics such as satin. Shades of plum purple will also highlight the darker tones in the eyes, and can even make them appear a bit lighter by making the brown color stand out so much!

Green Eyes

Lastly for this week, we’ll take a final look at what colors will showcase head turning green eyes…

Based on personal experience and from what I have observed from others, these colors will bring out the vibrant green in your eyes the best. Wearing a piece of clothing that matches your green eye color is a great way to make a statement. Doing so will highlight all of the tones and shades of green in your eyes that will allow for them to stand out. I recently got highlights in my hair so it is much lighter and has quite a bit of blonde in it, and now my eyes look very green. There is no need to go to the extreme measure of dying your hair to bring out the green tones in your eyes however, as wearing pale, golden blonde colors will do just the trick! 

In the coming days I will be posting a Part 2 to this mini series, that will explore the different colors that best suit blue, grey, and amber eyes! Until then, I encourage you to experiment with different colours and maybe even try some of the suggestions above to see what colors work the best for you!

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