Enhancing Your Eye Color Through Clothing Choices Part 2

Enhancing your eye color through clothing choices Part 2 is finally here! To recap, in part 1 we explored the best colors to wear if you have…

  1. Hazel Eyes
  2. Brown Eyes
  3. Dark Brown Eyes
  4. Green Eyes

For the second part of this post, we will take a look at which colors will best compliment the eye colors of blue, grey, and amber! Let’s get started.

Amber Eyes

To sort of start where we left off, we’ll take a look at complimentary colors for amber eyes. Amber eyes are a beautiful mix of yellow, orange, and brown, that create a very warm tone as well as a golden look. This eye color is not very common, with about only 5% of the population reported to have this unique color!  

Wearing copper and golden browns will intensify your eye color, and it will magnify the yellow and brown tones in your eyes, which will really make them pop. One colour that you may not expect to have been complimentary to amber eyes is blue. Blue is on the opposite side of orange on the color wheel, making them complimentary colors. Wearing shades of blue will lighten your eyes and intensify the lighter yellow, golden tones that make the colour so distinctive!

Blue Eyes

Next, we’ll take a look at the most desired eye color in the world! I know I’ve definitely found myself saying “I wish I had blue eyes” a few times before. Some of my friends have gorgeous blue eyes, and that is a characteristic of theirs that I have always admired. There is something about blue eyes that makes them special and so pretty!

The best way to bring out the blue in your eyes is to wear blue! This could be any shade of blue, but I have found that when my blue-eyed friends wear a color that is a similar shade to their eyes, it really makes them stand out. White is also a great color to wear if you have blue eyes. The bright white color highlights the blue in your eyes as well as the lighter undertones, which really makes the color stand out. Because there is no competing color when you are wearing white, anyone with vibrant coloured eyes such as blue or green will be able to benefit greatly!

Grey is also a great option to wear if you have blue eyes. The soft and deep tones that you can find in different shades of grey highlight the deeper undertones in your eyes, allowing for them to appear more striking and noticeable. Lastly, this one may come as a surprise, but wearing pastel shades of orange is a great way to compliment the blue in your eyes if you are looking to wear a pop of color!

Grey Eyes

The last eye colour we will be looking at for this series of Exploring Style is grey. Grey is another very unique eye color. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with grey eyes! But nonetheless, from the pictures I have seen it is a beautiful, soft color.

Like I mentioned, grey is a soft color and therefore it will stand out best when paired with more colourful soft tones. Sage and Olive green are perfect examples of this. Both shades of green will bring out the lighter undertones to your eyes, making them appear a much lighter and vibrant grey. Soft shades of blue and particularly denim blue will be able to do this also, and make your grey eyes pop! Lastly, wearing shades of dark grey or even silver will compliment your eyes well. Wearing the same color scheme to your eye color or a a similar shade is a great way to emphasize the color of your eyes as they will almost “match” your outfit.

Overall, you can and should wear any color that you like! This guide is just meant to demonstrate that you are able to emphasize some of your natural features/characteristics through the use of fashion. This week, try and put together an outfit that will enhance your eye color. See if you can notice any differences in the appearance in your eyes, and be ready for lots of compliments!


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