Just For Fun: An Appreciation Post for The Weeknd

I’ve always been a fan of the Weeknd, but ever since I went to his concert over the summer his music has taken up a major portion of my playlist. I like how his music has a wide variety in genres and styles, and how he really has a song for almost any mood you are feeling. Whether you’re at a party, feeling upbeat, dancing, are frustrated, feeling sad, or maybe even a bit dissociated, I guarantee that there is a song by the Weeknd that will match whatever mood and energy you are feeling. 

Below I am going to list the top ten songs by The Weeknd that I can’t get out of my head and will probably listen to for the rest of my life. Check them out! 

  1. Less Than Zero – Dawn FM Album (2022) 
  1. Gasoline – Dawn FM Album (2022)
  1. Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) – Starboy Album (2016)
  1. Party Monster – Starboy Album (2016)
  1. Sacrifice – Dawn FM Album (2022)
  1. In the Night – Beauty Behind the Madness Album (2015)
  1. Often – Beauty Behind the Madness Album (2015)
  1. Alone Again – After Hours Album (2020)
  1. Heartless – After Hours Album (2020)
  1. Die For You – Starboy Album (2016)

* Stargirl Interlude (feat. Lana Del Rey) is also an honorable mention* 

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