Just For Fun: “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” with Fenty Beauty’s Platinum Highlight

I have to admit… I have fallen victim to being influenced by Tik Tok to go out and purchase an item that had made its way onto my for you page. Typically, I am not easily influenced by Tik Tok trends, but this one I just couldn’t resist! The Fenty Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil in the shade “How Many Carrots?” is my latest obsession. Makeup is definitely not my expertise and I don’t use it often, but when I do, I often lean towards sparkly eye looks and highlighters. This highlighter is the most shimmery, platinum, eye-catching makeup product that is not overpowering and is easy to apply. I bought it to use primarily as an eyeshadow rather than a highlighter, and it has not disappointed. It is long-lasting, does not smudge or lose its sparkle by the end of the night, and is easy to take off. This is definitely my go to makeup product and I will be using it any chance I get! 

Tip: If you want a shimmery lip look, you can apply some of this highlighter before lipgloss or on top of lipstick!  

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