Process Post #4 : Welcome to The Fashion Daily Public

As I write my blog posts and design my website, the audience I have in mind are individuals who are much like myself: creative, using fashion as a tool and an art, as well as an outlet for self expression. Who have an interest in the power of fashion and have big dreams and aspirations that they maybe don’t know how to start chasing. The thing I love about fashion is that it is for everyone, so there really is no specific age range to the audience for The Fashion Daily. As I am a teenager, some of the designs and concepts I use on my site may cater more to the appeal of a younger adult audience, but the overall content can be for anyone who will find it useful and is interested. Essentially, the audience I have in mind are people within my “public”, or that share a similar role in the publics I do as well. What exactly do I mean by that? In a reading this week called Publics and Counterpublics, by Micheal Warner, I learned that there can be a deeper, and less broad meaning to the word “public.” 

“ The public is a kind of social totality. Its most common sense is that of the people in general. A public can also be a second thing: a concrete audience, a crowd witnessing itself in visible space, as with a theatrical public. Such a public has a sense of totality, bounded by the event or by the shared physical space” (Warner, p.413, 2002). The Fashion Daily Blog I have created is now one of my publics. It is a space where I can share my thoughts and passion, as well as my presence in the larger public of fashion. It may not be a visible public as I cannot see the viewers of my site, but nonetheless it is still a place where people can come together and share common interests. Reading the Warners journal made me think of the many different “publics” that exist everywhere. From a sports club you may be a part of, to the shared love of your favorite artist, everyone is a part of a certain concrete public, and you are probably involved in more than you realize. 


Warner, M. (2002). Publics and Counterpublics (abbreviated version). Quarterly Journal of Speech. Page 413. 


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