Process Post #10: Understanding and Improving User Experience

As I was showing one of my friends my website on her laptop, I noticed that the layout looked a bit different and the size of the pictures on my homepage did not appear the way I had arranged them from the perspective of my computer. I had thought that my website would not appear the same on all mobile devices as it also looks different when I open The Fashion Daily on my phone, but I was not quite sure how to go about fixing this. I had tried to alter the design of my homepage by changing the size and spacing of the images to see if that would make a difference in the appearance on other devices than a macbook, but then the homepage didn’t look right on my computer. So to sum it up, I am still working on making my website accessible for all viewers and hope to try and achieve this by the end of the semester. 

It is important to consider how your audience is going to be viewing your website, especially if your content is directed to younger Gen Z viewers. According to State Of Mobile, a statistical article we read for class, 7 of every 10 minutes on mobile was spent in social, photo, and video apps in 2021 (2022). On top of this, the average daily time spent on mobile devices was 4.8 hours per user, which is ⅓ of the average total daily waking hours (State Of Mobile, 2022). With this information, we can infer that users spend a great deal of time on their phones and rely on them to get their information or search the web more so than other devices. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that a good portion of my potential viewers could find my website while browsing on their phones, especially because my content and theme cater to more of a late teen – young adult audience. Based on my Google Analytics, the majority of visitors to my site are using a desktop, with only a few using a tablet. Nonetheless, it will be important for me to make my site more accessible to viewers using all platforms as I would like for everyone to be able to have a good user experience, and be able to view The Fashion Daily in all of its entirety. 

References (2022). State Of Mobile 2022.

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