Process Post #11: Expanding The Fashion Daily?

For this week’s process post, I will be discussing Transmedia, and how I can incorporate it more in my online presence/publications. With so many different modes of communication online, the need for a source to have multiple platforms is crucial in order to maximize your potential audience and overall engagement. Firstly, you may be thinking, “What is Transmedia?”. In short, Transmedia is essentially the technique of storytelling or sharing across multiple different media platforms. Whether that is through social media, apps, products, or games, these are only a few examples of Transmedia outlets that a creator can use to expand their brand image.This is something I have yet to incorporate into my website. Since I have designed this website for a class, I think that I have created a solid primary platform for The Fashion Daily, and I am shocked with how many viewers have visited my site from around the world and let alone been able to come across it with such little promotion. As I am not necessarily looking to establish The Fashion Daily as a serious brand for myself yet, I am happy with the level of engagement I have seen without the integration of Transmedia. If and when I would like to take up this page outside of class and have it become a more serious and established platform, Transmedia outlets will be a crucial aspect in the growth of my website and The Fashion Daily name altogether. 

In Bryce J Renninger’s, “”Where I can be myself…where I can speak my mind”: Networked Counterpublics in a polymedia environment”, it describes how Transmedia not only enables audiences growth, but it allows for viewers/audiences to connect and share the media as well.  In a reference within the article from IIana Gershon, they state that, “people figure out together how to use different media and often agree on the appropriate social uses of technology by asking advice and sharing stories with each other” (2014). This is especially true with social media. As my website caters to more of a late teen – young adult audience, having a social media presence would greatly help grow the audience of The Fashion Daily, and it would allow for a new creative outlet. My friends and I are constantly sharing media with each other on a daily basis and it is often how we find out about new trends, interests, products, etc. Social media is often where I discover brands and products that I then share with my friends. If The Fashion Daily were to have a social media presence, I think it would really increase engagement due to this widespread use of social media sharing. As I mentioned above, my website and content cater towards a younger audience, which like myself, most likely relies on social media to share and consume content. If The Fashion Daily were to have an Instagram account for example, this media outlet would make the website more accessible and known amongst my target audience as they would be more likely to search for fashion trends and information on that platform, rather than a website URL itself. 

Overall, if I were to integrate Transmedia into my website, I think that creating an Instagram account would be the next best platform to share my content on. On Instagram, fashion is always trending and creating a good aesthetic is what will allow for you to gain a following. With The Fashion Daily being a fashion blog, an aesthetic would be easier to develop and express, and therefore I think that Instagram would be the perfect place to expand the creativity of the website I have designed so far. While I will not likely get this up and running before the end of the semester, keep an eye out for The Fashion Daily on your explore page in the future!


Renninger, B.J. (2014). Where I can be myself…where I can speak my mind”: Networked Counterpublics in a polymedia environment. New Media and Society. Volume 17, Issue 9. SAGE Journals.

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