Process Post #3 : Navigating My Site

Above is a visual aid of how I plan to design and layout my website. Let’s take a closer look at what each category entails….

Home page : This one is pretty self explanatory! Here you will be able to navigate my site, and view the dashboard of categories available for you to read. Recent posts will also pop up and be active on the homepage, making it easy to see what I’ve been up too!

About: This one is also pretty self explanatory! On the About page you will be able to learn a bit about me if you are interested, why I chose to design my site around fashion, and my hopes and aspirations for The Fashion Daily. 

Posts: On this page, you will be able to view all of my posts that are dedicated to my school work and assignments. There are two categories within “Posts” that will keep my assignments organized: Process Posts, and Mini Assignments( a category for Peer Reviews and Essays will also me posted shortly as the assignments come up).

  • Process Posts: Each week, I will be making a process post as a part of my class assignments. Sometimes I will be given a prompt such as “Talking to a Stranger” which I was given in Week 1, but sometimes it will be up to me to design my own process post/prompts.
  • Mini Assignments : Most weeks I will also be given a Mini Assignment to work on for my class as well. These assignments will vary and often involve a lot of creativity. As you can see for my Mini Assignment #1, my task was to create a meme that is a reflection of either me or my website. 

Weekly Inspiration : In this category, I will be sharing people, places, colors, or things that inspire my personal style for the week or in general. I will often be making and posting collages or inspiration boards for the week that capture a certain theme or aesthetic that I currently like. My inspiration comes from a wide range of sources such as tv and movie characters, to something as simple as dressing for the weather and utilizing specific accessories for the season; so this page will be quite diverse.

Exploring Style : On this page, I intend to use it as a guide to help readers find their own personal style, as well as gain an understanding of the many things that “style” can mean. From fun activities such as finding your color scheme, to deciding whether or not gold or silver jewelry is the way to go, this page will have a wide variety of articles and activities for readers to engage in. 

What’s New?: On the “What’s New?” page, I will be posting more informative information that I find and read about in regards to new developments, advancements, and practices within the fashion industry. This page will be used as sort of a window into the real world of fashion. 

Just For Fun: Finally, this last page will be used as a more random space for me to post anything that is on my mind, or that I want to share( which may not always be directed to fashion). Examples of what could be posted on this page are my current favorite movie, song, something I saw during the day that I want to share, and so on. 

I hope this guide is useful, have fun exploring my site! 

Before I end this week’s process post, I would like to share my thoughts on a class reading we did called, “How I Got My Attention Back”, by Craig Mod. This article provides great insight on the idea that the internet and online platforms have taken away our attention. After reading through the article and hearing Mod’s personal experiences, I too agree with his statement that the online atmosphere can make you lose sight of many things, including yourself. Social Media and games we play on our phones create this addicting space, where we are convinced that we are doing something with our time and are being productive; when we are really doing the complete opposite. The media that many of us so heavily rely on has taken our attention away from real life opportunities, and things like engaging in activities that we enjoy, without us even knowing it. Think of the many times you have sat at home on the couch or in bed scrolling on your phone for hours, or maybe even the whole day, when there is something more productive you could be out doing. I can say I have been guilty of doing so a few times. Some days it’s okay to just relax and binge your favourite tv show all day, we all need those days sometimes. The problem is that it is easy for that sometimes to become more frequent, more regular, and before you know it you have no motivation or desire to do anything but sit and binge watch Netflix, or scroll aimlessly on social media. The media and technology are great tools and platforms for us to use, but they are not worthy of ruling our entire lives.

I personally quite enjoy taking a break from my phone and technology in general when I can. As a student, the amount of time I need to be spending on my laptop is enough screen time in itself, so I try to limit the use of phone and engaging in social media apps for hours on end. In Mod’s article he talks about how he was able to get his attention back after being disconnected and offline for a month, and I am interested to try and do the same someday soon to see the benefits for myself. I will make the effort to do so once I am out of school for summer break. I challenge you to make a goal of being disconnected from the internet as well. It could be a day, could be a week, see whether or not you are able to become less dependant on technology, and take a minute to reflect and see if you feel any personal changes from doing so.

If you would like to read Craig Mod’s article and get a better understanding of his perspective, here is the link :

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