Process Post #5: Exploring Digital Gardens

For this week, I am going to focus my process post on a class reading we did that discusses the emergence of digital gardens. In this article on MIT Technology Review by Tanya Basu, we learn that a new internet space is being created by the discovery and use of these new digital gardens. Firstly, you may be thinking, “what is a digital garden?”, just as I did when I first read the article title. Essentially, a digital garden is a somewhat new platform used for expression that primarily focuses on creativity, self expression of the author and their interests that are not related to one specific topic, and the ability to design a more personal space online. In short, a digital garden is a space where writers can “plant the seed” of their personal collection of ideas into the public; in hopes that maybe they will catch on with the public or “grow” like flowers in a garden.

 A digital garden is not necessarily a blog,a website, or even a social media platform. Writers who create a digital garden can do so on whatever platform they desire, and in the style of their choosing. What I find most interesting about the concept of these digital gardens is that the author is not necessarily writing to an audience, but rather to themselves. Digital gardens ask you to talk to yourself, as well as reflect on and develop your ideas as opinions and perspectives change. It is meant to be focused a lot on personal growth, which can differ from the creation of a blog. 

As the development of digital gardens is still being developed and working towards being easier for users to access/design, I am interested to see where this new age of the internet will take us. I encourage you to take a read of this article, Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet, and who knows, maybe The Fashion Daily will become its own digital garden someday…


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