Weekly Inspiration: The Upper East Side’s “It Girl”, Serena van der Woodsen

Whether you have watched Gossip Girl or not, it is likely that you have heard of Blake Lively’s iconic character, Serena van der Woodsen. As the show follows a group of rich teenagers living in New York’s Upper East Side, there is a lot of fashion and different styles that I admire from many of the characters. However, it goes without saying that Serena and her best friend Blair Waldorf are the fashion stars of the show.

Serena’s character is fun, adventurous, and as messy as she is glamorous. Her personal style often reflects each characteristic quite well in the way that her outfit choices vary from being bold, to chic/boho chic and elegant, to mis-matched styles and colour schemes that somehow she still manages to pull off.

Serena is a city girl, and one thing I like about her style the most is the use of accessories. From colourful purses and tote bags, to eye catching jewelry pieces and wearing high heels with her private school uniform, the choices of accessories are what help make her personal style so unique.

The last thing I will comment on about Serena’s style, is that it always comes across as effortless. From her clothing choices, to makeup, and even her hairstyles, she is always quite natural and put together, but very rarely overly dressed up in her every day appearance (except for the many fancy gala’s and parties she attends…. I wish!).

After watching Gossip Girl, I am guilty of already incorporating some of the characters styles into my own (can you blame me!). For this week I will be asking myself to keep Serena’s character in mind when I am putting together an outfit, and I challenge you to do the same! Look to add accessories that you have lying around and never use as they are a great styling tools and discover your inner city girl by putting together bold outfit choices that could include clothing pieces such as faux leather jackets, tall platform boots, or anything that pushes the “norm” for you! Most importantly, look to adapt a style that showcases your characteristics and who you are, or even who you want to be seen as. What makes Serena’s personal style so powerful is the fact that her outfit choices often directly embrace her personality traits: confident, daring, charismatic, and free spirited.

Here’s some ways I’ve incorporated Serena’s city girl style and personality into my outfits….

Have fun channeling your inner Serena van der Woodsen, and until next week….

You know you love me. XOXO, The Fashion Daily

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